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STEP 1.  Affiliate & Advertising link

IMPORTANT:  If you don't do this step, you will NOT earn commission from your team.  Once you are an affiliate the backoffice will open up other sections:  My Organization, Qualification Details, etc


STEP 2.  Buy BTC & Token Packages

If you do not have a Bitcoin Wallet, you need to register for one to enable you to BUY and withdraw your funds from USI.  Bitcoin wallet:,, or any Bitcoin provider.  You DO NOT NEED to be ID Verified with USI in order to buy packages. 

COINBASE Support: (888) 908–7930
How to Register:
How to Buy & Send:

Once you have your bitcoin wallet, you then FUND IT (buy bitcoin).  In coinbase, if you're using a debit/credit card to buy, your money will show up INSTANTLY but pay a hefty fee of 4% and 3% with your bank.  If you're using your bank to buy (1.5%), it will take 7-10 days for the funds to clear.   There are limits starting out.


Jessy Parson is one of the owner of CoinTradingCo.  You can buy directly from him ANY AMOUNT in bitcoin and it will be deliver to your Bitcoin Wallet (coinbase, blockchain) in 24 hours or less. 

Bitcoin Fees:
5% up to $10,000
4% $10,000 - $100,000
3% $100,000+

To buy, TEXT 503-354-1039 or email and let him know Don Le sent you from USI.  He will provide instructions on how to wire your funds and send in your ID verification.  Once you have bitcoin, then follow instructions from the video on how to buy packages and tokens.

 Click here for BTC PDF INSTRUCTIONS     Click here for Token PDF INSTRUCTIONS.

If after 24 hours the package still have NOT shown up and money has been deducted from your bitcoin wallet, please submit a ticket with your transactions receipt and ask USI to credit your BTC purchase. 



STEP 3.  SET RE-BUY to 100%

By default, you're set to "0", NO REBUY, which means NO COMPOUNDING.  I encourage you to have your SETTINGS to 100% for at least 1 cycle, about 7 months.  This will allow you to COMPOUND your earnings.  The magic number is 100 packages.  Once you reach 100 packages, sytem will  REBUY a NEW PACKAGE daily, compounding your earnings much FASTER.  Make it a DAILY habbit to check your dashboard to ensure that the REBUY is working so you won't lose out on the compounding. 




Every MVP member gets access to our MVP marketing system to help build their USI business.  The MVP system includes: capture and landing pages, auto responder messages, the training videos, marketing resources, and much more.  You will NOT be able to go to the MVP LOGIN until you have paid and registered!

The cost is $50 and it is a ONE TIME fee

Payment Options

1.  Bitcoin:  13gHkaaoD3tLfDSijX1WoLAQo8PNaZ7vpq

2.  Paypal: using Family/Friends

3.  Bank Deposit:  BOA.  Email me for account info


IMPORTANT:  Once you have made your payment, please email me your name, phone, and USI Advertising Link.  I'll have your site setup in 24hrs.


I suggest you get your Marketing System setup ASAP to share this amazing opportunity with others.  If you don't want to pay the $50, you can use the FREE sites below. When you go to the site, simply replace my username with yours and start sharing.










1.  1min video  It's a great tool to prospect.  If they like what they see, then send them directly to step 2 video.

2.  13-minute Presentation.

3.  After watching the video, if they have any questions, put them on a 3-way call with sponsor or me.


Legal Video from Attorney


12-Level Qualification

 Compensation Plan

Bitcoin Value Conversion Click HERE


Plug into our community

USI-MVP Skype Group  Get instant help and support from MVP leaders.
USI-MVP FaceBook Group (meet members from around the world)


To be apart of this group, you must ask a current member to ADD you.  If your sponsor is not there, add me as a FB friend and I'll add you. 



Once you have at least 10 euro in your Available Balance, you can withdraw your money.  


RECRUITING TOOL: Spreadsheet Calculator

When you click on the link, it will automatically download to your computer.  Then watch this VIDEO on how to use the Calculator. 

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